About Us

Work Stuff { Two dudes. A few missions. }

Phil and Victor have a compound cacophony of experience, with the ability to channel it in harmony. Our background in illustration, design, information architecture, development, branding, marketing communications, IT, and business know-how give us the tools and sensibilities to assist you in finding your voice, and shape it into digestible words, graphics, and experiences that will immediately connect with your base.

We are young, but not that young. We are spirited, even-keel, and will give you what you need, which is the same as what you want, except that you don't know it yet.

Design that saves the world a bit at at time.

We love giving, but more importantly, we love knowing that what we do matters. You help us make that a reality. 10% of all profits are donated to charities such as Carbon Fund, Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, Amazon Conservation Association, and Roll It Forward of Boston, among others.

Art and design are two different things.

One is functional first, the other one is purely human emotion. We let you in our alter-ego through beautiful, dramatic, and some simply-different prints. Every Giclée print is signed by the artist(s), and printed on high-quality Ilford archival paper using archival UltraChrome inks. In addition to prints, you'll see all sorts of fun, unique products. So go ahead, check'em out and get yourself a gift already.